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Southern Provincial Public Service Commission, 6th Floor, District Secretariate Building Complex, Kaluwella, Galle
Public Service Commission – Southern Province
  • Public Service Commission – Southern Province
  • Public Service Commission – Southern Province
  • Public Service Commission – Southern Province
  • Public Service Commission – Southern Province

Latest News

Exams for Recruiting Textile/Paper/Instructors

 Open / Limited Competitive Exams for Recruiting Textile/Paper/Instructors of Southern provincial Industrial Development Department, will be held on 16th May, 2015 at  Anuladevi Vidyalaya, Galle.


Calling Applications-Legal Officer

 Calling Applications for the post of Legal Officer 

Download Application and Information

New Service Minute MA

 New service minute of Management Assistants Service  View

EB ICT service Class3-III

Calling applications for Efficiency Bar Examiantion for class 3-III officers in Provincial Information Communication and Technology Service till 10.03.2014.

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Released Results

 SPPSC released results of Open Competitive Examiantion for the recruitment of Revenue Inspectors.

Calling Applications

SPPSC is calling applications for EB examiantions for community Developemnt officers, Technical Officers and open and limited examinations for recruitments  of Librarian service Grade III.

New Secretary

 New Secretary of the Southern Provincial Public Services Commission, Mr. U.G. Vidura Kariyawasam assigned duties on 10th Decemeber. 

Launching SPPSC web site

Web site of SPPSC

We are happy to announce the launch of Southern Provincial Public Services Commission web site. The site will provide important information including examination applications and results to its viewers.




 Hon. Governor

Mr. Hemakumara Nanayakkara




Secretary, Mr. U.G. Vidura Kariyawasam




Establishment and maintain of efficient, disciplined and motivated public service committed to promoting good governance through productive service.




Recruitment, transferring and promoting of staff to the Provincial Public Service and disciplinary control and hearing appeals in terms of ensuring well disciplined Public Service in order to exercise powers vested to the Southern Provincial Council under the 13th Amendment to the constitution and the Provincial Council Act no. 42 of 1987.



Technical Service

Grade II-EB

Information &




Southern Provincial

Graduate Teaching

Exam will be held

on 14 November, 2015


Management Assistant Service

Open Examination




 Developmenet Officer Class III



 Revenue Inspector Class III



 TO Open Exam









Public Services Commission

6th Floor,

District Secretariat Building






KKS promotion to PMA

Results of Co-operative Development Officer 2015





Results of Recruitment for Technical Service


      Galle District

      Matara District

      Hambantota District   


Civil (Training Grade)

     Galle District 

     Matara District

    Hambantota District

    Other District



 Galle District

 Matara District

Hambantota District




 The Results of Recruiting Live Stock Development Officer For Southern Province - 2015

   Results  Galle 

  Results   Hambantota 

   Results Matara 

Results of  EB segment "B" of II of  Sri Lanka Technological service - 2014(2015)

Results of EB  segment "A" of II of Sri Lanka Technological service - 2014(2015)


Results of competitive Examination for Recruiting Ward Clerk (Limited) Department of Health  

EB Results of Schools Non Academic Class I 

EB Results of Schools Non Academic Class III

EB Results Of Sport Officers Grade IV -2

EB Results of Sport Coach -2014 

EB Results Revenue Inspector Classs III


Social Services officer- Exam Results

 Galle District

Matara District

Hambantota District



EB Results - Community development officer Class II


 i. Training Grade

ii. Segment B

Technical Officer (Mechanical)


Results of E.B. Exam -PMA III 

Results of E.B. Exam for Class II Social Services Officers

Results of E.B. Exam for Class I Revenue inspectors

Results of E.B. Exam for class II Revenue Inspectors

Results - E.B. Exam For officers in Class II Seg A- in General Clerical service  & Recomended other service of pub.ser.2002/2003/2004.pdf

Results - ICT Service Officers Class 3-III  to grade II 

Results - Librarian EB

Results -Management Assistant Service EB

Results -Management Assistant Service Supra Grade

Results -Technical Officer Class II A

Results -Technical Officer Class II B

Results -Recruitment of Agricuture Instructor

Examination Calender - 2014 July

Results of the Efficiency Bar Examination for Community Development Officers in Class II  in Southern Public Service - 2013(2014)

Results of the First Efficeincy  Bar Examination for officers in class III of  Instructor (Metal Industry) of Southern Province -2013 (2014)

Supra Examination 2013 - Results

 The Open Competitive Examination for  recruitment Class II Segment  "B"  Technical  

Officers to the Southern Provincial  Technical Service -(Civil) (2014)

Galle  Matara  Hambantota

Results of The Open Competitive Examination for  recruitmentIng Technical  Officers   to Training grade of Southern Provincial  Technical Service -(Civil) (2014)

Galle  Matara  Hambantota  Kalutara

 Results of Efficiency Bar Examiantion for offciers in class III of Sri Lanka Public Librarian Service (2011)2013

 Exam Results of Open Competitive  Examination for  Recruitment of  Revenue Inspector for Southern Province

   Exam Results of 

i. Livestock Development Officer

ii. Technical Officer (Civil Training)

iii. Technical Officer (Civil)

iv. Technical Officer (Electrical - Training)

v. Technical Oficer Segment II A(Electrical )






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