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Southern Provincial Public Service Commission, 6th Floor, District Secretariat Building Complex, Kaluwella, Galle
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  •  Can  a Officer in Central Government get a transfer to Southern Provincial Council ?       

             Only certain Posts         

  •   How does the four concession opportunities  come  in to  relief Effective Efficiency  Bar Examinations  according to  SPPSC Circular 01/2015 ?               The  time frame of four consecutive  examinations  from the date of first appointment.


  •  Should the relief application form for EB Exams be obtained  from PSC Office only ?                                                                                                 No.  It can be downloaded  from  the Web.


  •  Can a person meet the Secretary on Wednesday ?       No. One can  make an appointment                                                                                       over telephone     &  meet the Secretary 
  •   What are the document needed for a Inter Provincial Transfer ?      

                  1)  Request of the Officer 

                  2) Transfer Application Form (according to Pub Ad. Circular 25/91)

                  3)  Letter of consent to be placed  at the end of the seniority  list

                  4)  Letter of consent  stating  that  the officer agrees to work in any service place

                  5)  Letter of confirmation on the absence of  Audit issues & No Disciplinary inquiries

                  6)  Certified copy of the appointment letter

                  7)  Certified copy of the letter of confirmation

                  8)  Certified copies of Examination Results  (by the Commissioner General of  Examinations)

                 9)  Grama Niladhari  certificate confirming residency (with relevant to 03 years)


  •  Can a Officer from a provincial  Council get a transfer to a Central Government Office ?

                  Only Island wide Services

  •  Is there a validity period to make the  appointments from an open Examination  ?  02 years
  •   Is there a possibility to get back the results of  EB Examinations when the said results are not included

                 is the personal   file ?  Yes. But application should be forwarded through  proper official  

  •  Can a Officer get a temporary transfer to another Provincial Council ?       Yes.
  •  Can a Officer from Central Government and an Officer Provincial Government  get a mutual Transfer ?      No.
  •  Do all Government Officers have to achieve proficiency of Tamil Language ?   Refer Pub. Ad Circular   01/2014
  •  What documents are needed is a mutual transfer ?

               i)   Applications  from the 2 officers

               ii)   Letters on the absence of Disciplinary procedures & Audit queries

               iii)   Service confirmation certificates

               iv)  Consent for the mutual Transfer from both officers.


  • When does the Public  Service Commission  assemble ?  On each Wednesday  
  • How does an Officer make his appeal to a decision given by PSC ? He should make an                                                                                             appeal to the Hon. Governor of the Province





 Public Services Commission

 6th Floor

 District Secretariat Building




Right To Information Act

1. Information Officer   

        Mr. Ravi Prasad Kalupahana

             (Assistant Secretary)

           Tel- 091- 22 34 309

           Fax091- 22 28811

           E Mail - 

        2. Designated Officer   

         U.G. Vidura Kariyawasam


       Tel- 091- 22 333 66

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