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Southern Provincial Public Service Commission, 6th Floor, District Secretariat Building Complex, Kaluwella, Galle
Public Service Commission – Southern Province
  • Public Service Commission – Southern Province
  • Public Service Commission – Southern Province
  • Public Service Commission – Southern Province
  • Public Service Commission – Southern Province

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 EB Exams of  (Grade i, II,III) Non Technical Management Assistants  in  Local Govermnet Department will be held on 27.10.2018 at Galle.

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Management Assistant Supragrade Exams,

Merit Exam Will be held on 14.10.2018 &

Limited Exam will be held on 27.10.2018  &  28.10.2018 at Matara

Up Coming Exams

 Management Assitant Grade III  EB Exam  will be held on 28.10.2018.  


up coming exam 1


Grade III Co -Operative Development Officers EB Exam will be held on 27.10.2018 & 03.11.2018 at Southern Provincial Public Service Commission.

Productivity Award 2016

PSC has won 2nd place of the national productivity award.





Secretary, Mr. U.G. Vidura Kariyawasam



Establishment and maintenance of efficient, disciplined and motivated public service committed to promoting good governance through productive service.



Recruitment, transferring and promotion of staff to the provincial public service and disciplinary control and hearing appeals in terms of ensuring well disciplined Public Service in order to exercise powers vested to the Southern Provincial Council under the 13th Amendment to the constitution and the Provincial Council Act no. 42 of 1987.



 Public Services Commission

 6th Floor

 District Secretariat Building




Right To Information Act

1. Information Officer   

        Mr. Ravi Prasad Kalupahana

             (Assistant Secretary)

           Tel- 091- 22 34 309

           Fax091- 22 28811

           E Mail - 

        2. Designated Officer   

         U.G. Vidura Kariyawasam


       Tel- 091- 22 333 66

Download Form Templates 

             RTI 01 Form

             RTI 10 Form


Results - EB Exams  

Rural Development Officers Grade I

Rural Development Officer Grade II

Rural Development Officer Grade III

Social Services Officer Grade I

Galle Heritage - Management  Assistant Grade III


Results - Promotion  Exam  of  Assesors  -   class ii Grade ii

Open / Limited Exam  Grade III Housing Rent Board Secretary officers  - 2018 



  EB Exams  

  EB Results of  PL - 2 - Health Department

           Grade  I

           Grade II

           Grade III


 Information & Communication Technology Assistant  (Grade II-III ) -2018 


 Information & Communication Technology Assistant  (Grade III-III)-2018 


Open Examination for Recruiting Internal  Audit Officers for Southern Province. Written Test & Interview Marks





 Interviews Marks






 Technical Officers (Civil)

 2nd Department Test  


Open Examination Recruiting Rural Development Officers for Southern Provincial Public Service - 2018




Vacancies as at 2018.07.18 - 09

Recruitments for the Galle, Matara, hambanthota Districts will be done according to the ratio of 4:3:2


EB Results

Grade 1

Probation Officers

EB Exam -2018


Grade III Social

Service  Department

Non Technical Management

Assistant (MN 1)

EB Exam -2018


Grade III Health Service 

Department - Non

Technical Management

Assistant (MN1)

EB Exam - 2018


Grade II Health Service

Department - Non

Technical Management

Assistant (MN1)

EB Exam - 2018


Grade II Development

Officers EB exam 

2017 (2018)


Deve. Assi. &

Management Assistant

1st EB Exam - 2017(2018)


 Grade II Programme

Assistant 2nd EB Exam

2017 (2018)


Grade III Programme

 Assistant 1st EB Exam

2017 (2018)


 Combined Graduates

1st EB Exam


 2017 (2018)


 Combined Graduates

Management Assistant

2nd EB Exam -2017(2018)


Technical Officers


Department Test

Department Rules &

Regulations Act



EB Results

Probation Officers

Grade II - 2018


Technical Officers

Grade III

Grade II


Senior Social Services Officer

Written & Interview Marks


Senior Praocation Officer - 2018

District Rural Development Officer - 2018



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